Download Tally Installation Set Up File -Tally Prime Rel 3

  • Software Download: At Browser, search for the Tally Official site, get the Tally Prime software  download site . Click Down load button at Tally Rel 3.0,
  • Software Installation: At Set Up Manager 3, set the Set File Folder name, Desktop Name, Start menu entry name. Check the options at security warnings 4.
  • Tally shows default Download Folder Name, Tally Software Name. You may change the default values to Download the Set Up File and Install Tally Software as desired. If any older version of Tally Proime (e.g 2.x or earlier) is existing, install Tally Software in a new folder.
  • Company creation :At Company creation5 screen, set the Data Folder Name & Company Name, set the Mailing Name 6,

Create Company in Tally prime Rel 3 in a new folder,Thus, you will be able to work with Tally Rel 3 with new Company, and work for older Company with older version of Tally.  Set Financial Year Beginning from date 7. Save the created Company .8

  • Company Features set up : Set up the Company Features 9. Set Up Company Features. Initially we have set No at all options. Later on, we will set Yes at the respective options as necessary.

Click here to play Video about how to install Tally prime Rel 3

Click here to play Video to install Tally prime Rel 3 keeping old Software and Data