Stock Item Batch Reports in Tally

Stock Item Batch Ageing Report in Tally

Ageing Analysis of Batches helps to identify Expired Batches and Aged Batches (Batches soon to expire) for perishable goods (food products, pharmaceuticals etc.) lying in Stock.  It also gives trend of shelf stay time of stock (average time an Item is lying in stock before disposal) and helps to compute Inventory Carrying  Cost more precisely.

Select Display > Inventory Books > Ageing Analysis and select Stock Group (Primary to select All Stock Groups) to get Stock Ageing Analysis for the related Stock Items.

At  Batch Analysis Report, you get the following buttons:

Stock Item Batch Ageing Report Button Bar in Tally

  • F1:Detailed / Condensed
    • ClickF1:Detailed   to get next level details of each Stock Item (like Batch, Godown)
    • ClickF1:Condensed   to get Itemwise total figures of  stock (without Batch, Godown details :
  • F4: Group : To select Stock Item Group (select Primary for All Stock Items) to show the Age Analysis of the Stock Items under the selected Group)
  • F6: Ageing Period : To set the Age Analysis Slab
  • F7: Valuation ; To select the Valuation Method for  valuation of Stock in Hand

Stock Item Valuation Method in Tally

  • A: Hide Amount / Show Amount :
    • Click A:  Show Amount to show the Amount at Value columns
    • Click  A: Hide Amount to suppress the Value Columns (Amount figure will not be shown)
  • S: Ageing Style : To set the Ageing Style Parameters
  • B: Expired Batches  / All Batches
    • Click B: Expired Batches  to show only those Batches which have been expired
    • Click B:  All Batches to show all  the Batches (all stock- Regular as well as Expired)

The report is divided into 3 major sections, Particulars, Total Quantity and Agewise break-up. Stock Item with Total quantity is shown in bold in first row with agewise break-up, followed by batchwise (and godownwise) details. You can move cursor between Total Quantity and Agewise break-up columns with left / right arrow keys, and press <enter>at the respective column to get further detailed reports:

  • Total Quantity: To get Item Monthly Summary.
  • Age Column: At any break-up column to get Item Age for relevant period

Stock Item Ageing Slab set up in Tally

At Batch Ageing Analysis , click F6: Ageing Periods button to re-define the Ageing Slab (i.e columns for Ageing Analysis). To terminate, enter 0 at last field .

Stock Item Ageing Slab Set Up in Tally

Removing an Age Slab column in Age Analysis Report

To remove any age slab column (useful when any specific age slab column shows no figure), place the cursor on the column to be removed (use Left / Right arrow keys to move sideways between the columns) and click D:Del Column. The deleted column cannot be restored (you will have to view the report again).

Stock Item Batch Ageing Style in Tally

At Stock Ageing Analysis, click  S:Ageing Style button to get Ageing Style screen, to specify the Date from which the Age would be computed for the purpose of Age Analysis Report and select the option as explained below.

  • Age as per Expiry Date: Select By Expiry Date to show Agewise break-up on the basis of Expiry Date of each batch.
  • Unexpired Batches: Select To be Expired to show Agewise break-up for batches that would expire in future.
  • Age as per Manufacturing Date: Select By Manufacturing Date to get Agewise break-up as per Manufacturing Date for each Batch.
  • Age as per Date of Purchase: Select By Date of Purchase to get Agewise break up as per Voucher Date (Date of Voucher in which the Batch was created as New Batch).

Stock Item Ageing Style in Tally

Filtering of Batches in Stock Item Batch Reports

To filter the Ageing Report, click  B:Expired Batches / All Batches toggle button :

  • B:Expred Batches, or at Ageing Style set Yes at Show only Expired Batches to show the Batches which have been expired at the end of the period set
  • B:All Batches, or at Ageing Style, set No at Show only Expired Batches to show all the Batches in Stock

Stock Ageing Summary Reports in Tally

Batch Ageing Analysis Report

Stock Item Batch Ageing Reports in Tally

Stock Item Batch Ageing Analysis Report

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