Point of Sales in Tally PRIME

PoS(Point-of-Sale) is a retail counter outlet, like a checkout counter in a shop, or any other point of Cash sales. The seller prints the Sales Invoice, handing over the Invoice to the customer, and the customer makes full payment thereof, over the counter.

PoS Voucher Type creation in Tally PRIME

In Tally Prime, Point of Sales (PoS) is Sales Voucher Type.  Select GoT>Create>Voucher Type to create PoS Voucher type (F1A).  

At Voucher Type creation screen, at the Left Part, set the options as follows (F- 1A):

  • Voucher Type Name : At Name, enter the Voucher Type Name.
  • Voucher Type  : At Type of Voucher, select Sales as PoS is a type of Sales Voucher.
  • Abbreviation : At Abbr, enter short name (Abbreviation) of the Voucher Type. This is printed in all Books of Accounts, for the Voucher Type.
  • Method of Numbering : At Method of Numbering field, select Automatic. The voucher  numbers will be automatically posted serially as per Date.
  • Mode : At Use Advance Configuration, set No.
  • Common Narration : At Use Common Narration, set No  (In PoS, normally no Narration is entered for faster entry).
  • Ledger Narration : At the field Narration for each entry, set No  (In PoS, normally no Ledger is entered for faster entry).

Under the Printing section at the Right Part, set the Printing options as follows:

  • On-line Printing : At Print after Saving, set Yes to directly print the PoS Invoice immediately on entry.
  • Use  for PoS Invoicing : Set Yes to define it as PoS Type Voucher, to inherit special characteristics of PoS voucher
  • Print Message 1 & Print Message 2 : Enter the messages texts that you like to print at the bottom of each Invoice.
  • Default Print Title: Enter the Title of the Document to be printed.
  • Declaration: At Set Alter Declaration (F-1A), set Yes to enter Declaration for PoS Voucher, else set No

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PoS Invoice Entry in Tally PRIME

Sales Voucher entry have been explained earlier. To create PoS Sales Invoice (F-2A), click F8:Sales and then select PoS Voucher Type from the Voucher Type list (F-2A).

F-2A: PoS Voucher Type Selection

At Voucher entry screen, click F8:Sales and select PoS Voucher type from list (F-2A) to get PoS Voucher Entry screen .

F-3A: PoS Voucher Entry

As full payment is received immediately on sale, in PoS Voucher, no need to select any Party Ledger Account. Enter the Item details like Sales Voucher entry explained earlier, then enter Payment details as follows :

  • Cash Ledger Account : At Cash, select the Cash Ledger Account from list.
  • Tendered Amount: At Cash Tendered, enter the amount Tendered  by the customer in payment of the Invoice (which must not be less than the amount of the Bill)
  • Balance Amount : At Balance, the excess amount received & refundable to the customer (Cash Tendered  – Cash Account), if any, would be shown, to make refund quickly without mistake.

Click F12:Configure and set the PoS Voucher entry configuration options (F-3B).

F-3B: PoS Voucher Entry Configuration

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PoS Invoice Printing in Tally PRIME

Normally PoS Invoice is printed on line during entry. After the PoS voucher entry is over, you get PoS Voucher printing screen (F-4A).

F-4A: PoS Printing

At PoS Voucher printing screen (F-4A), Click (C:Configure) to set Configuration option (F-4B) / (I:Preview) to Preview the Invoice  / (P:Print) the PoS Invoice on Printer (F-5A), as explained earlier.

F-4B: PoS Printing Configuration

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PoS Register in Tally PRIME

Select GoT>Display More Reports> Account Books>PoS Register  to get PoS Register, showing list of PoS Vouchers.

F-6A: PoS Register Display

Click F12:Configure and set the Display configuration options. To Print PoS Register, press Ctrl+P and click the button to Configure (C:Configure), Preview (I:Preview), Print on Printer (P:Print) the PoS Register.

F-6B: PoS Register Display Configuration

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Point of Sales in Tally PRIME – Key Points

  • Voucher Type creation screen से  Sales Voucher Type से  PoS Voucher Type create करे.
  • PoS Voucher entry करने  के  लिए  Voucher Entry screen में  F8 click कर  फिर  Sales Voucher Type list से  Pos Voucher select करे.
  • PoS Counter में  Sale करते  वक़्त  ही  full payment मिलता  है. इसलिए  PoS Voucher में  कोई  Party Ledger entry नहीं  होता.
  • एक  PoS Bill का  Payment Multiple Mode में  Payment हो  सकता  है, जैसे  Cash, Cheque, Reward Point, Discount coupon बगैरह.
  • Tally Prime का  PoS system बहुत  ही  Basic है. इसमें  Free items, promotional scheme, Reward Points बगैरह   का  features नहीं  है.
  • Simple Accounting System के  लिए PoS  Voucher  से  retail Cash sales entry करे, Credit sales Invoice entry से  करे.

Point of Sales in Tally ERP9 – PDF