Payroll Accounting – (Tally-Prime-PA)

Continue in same Company after the previous assignments

04-01 Payroll Masters

  • Activate Payroll Features for the Company

At K:Company Tab, click F11. At Company Features, at the top left, set Yes at Show More features and set Yes at Show All Features. At right part, under Payroll section, set Yes at Maintain Payroll, to activate Basic Payroll Features for the Company

  • Create Attendance Master

Select GoT>Create> Attendance / Production Types. At Attendance / Production Type creation, at Name, enter Attendance. At Under, select Primary. At Attendance Type, select Attendance / Leave with Pay. At Period Type, select Days.

  • Create Basic Salary Pay Head

Create Pay Head Basic Salary (in Payslip shown as Basic as short), as Earnings Head, computed on Attendance, and is subject to Gratuity computation.

[SelectGoT>Create> Pay Heads. At Pay Head creation, at Name, enter Basic Pay. At Pay Head Type, select Earnings for Employees. At Income Type, select Fixed. At Under, select Indirect Expenses. At Affect Net Salary, set Yes. At Name to Appear in Payslip, enter Basic. At Use for Gratuityset Yes.  At Calculation Type, select On Attendance. At Attendance / Leave with Pay type, select Attendance. At Calculation Period, select Months. At Basis of Calculation (per Day), select As per Calendar Period. At Rounding Method, select Normal Rounding, at Limit, enter 1. Press Ctrl+A to save.

  • Create Employee Master

[SelectGoT> Create> Employee> to get Employee Creation screen. Click F12:Configure. At Configuration, set Yes at Provide Display Name in Reports as, and set No for all other options, to keep the Employee Master entry simple. At Employee creation, at Name, enter Asok Kumar Das. At Display Name in Reports, enter A K Das. At Under, select Primary. At Date of Joining, enter  1-4-2020. Enter other details of the Employee as per record. At Define Salary Details, set Yes.  At Salary Details, Click F12:Configure and set the options. Back at Salary Details, At Effective From column, enter 1-4-2022. At Pay Head column, select Basic Pay. At Rate column, enter 12000 [Other displayed from the respective Pay Head master, as per configuration options of Salary Details]. Back at Employee creation screen, under General Information section, enter other relevant details. press Ctrl+A to save.

04-02 Pay Voucher

  • Enter Attendance Voucher

[Select GoT>Vouchers. Click F10:Other Vouchers and select Attendance. At Attendance Entry screen. Enter 31-07-2022 at Voucher Date. At Employee Name, select Asok Kumar Das. At  Attendance / Production Head Type column, select Attendance. At Value column, enter 28]

  • Create Payroll Voucher

[Select GoT>Vouchers.Type Ctrl+F4. At Payroll Voucher creation, enter 31-07-2022 at Voucher Date. At Account, select Cash. Click F:Auto Fill button. At Autofill screen, atType of Transaction, selectPayroll Autofill. At Process For, select Salary. At From & To, enter 1-07-2022 to 31-07-22. At Employee Group, select All Items.  At Sort by, select Employee Name. At Payroll / Cash / Bank, select Cash. At Include Employees having banking Details, set No. The computed Pay, Basic Salary Rs 10838.71 {(12000/31)x28} is shown].

04-03 Payroll Reports

  • Print Payslip

[Print Payslip for A K Das for July 22]

Select GoT>Display more Reports>Payroll Reports>Payslip. Select A K Das from list. Click F2:Period and enter 1-7-22 to 31-7-22. The Payslip is displayed. Press Ctrl+P. At Printing screen, click P:Print Button to print the Payslip on Printer].

Print Payslip

Print Payslip for all employees for July 22.

[Select GoT>Display more Reports> Payroll Reports> Paysheet  and then select All Items. Click F2:Period and enter 1-7-22 to 31-7-22.  to display Pay Sheet for all employees. Press Alt+P to get Print screen. Click P:Print button (or type P) to print the Paysheet on Printer].