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Basic Financial Accounting using Tally PRIME – Job Interview Questions

Company creation in Tally PRIME- Interview Question # 01-01/22-03-31

1.  One Company is created in folder f:\tpdata. Now create a Company and save in a new folder f:\tp22-23 (this folder is not existing). Explain the steps of setting the Company Data Path for the new Company.
2. What is the maximum length of Company Name field.
3.  How spelling mistakes after typing a long Company Name be corrected?
4.  In Company creation, there are 2 fields. Company Name and Mailing Name. The data entered in Company Name is carried in Mailing Name. What is purpose and use of two different fields.
5.  Can Company Name & Mailing Name be entered starting with lowercase letter (like i3 Software)?
6.  Can Company Name & Mailing Name be completely different?
7.  What is the maximum length of data in Company Name & Mailing Name?
8.  Can Mailing Name be left blank?
9.  Can State and Country be entered in last lines of Address filed, leaving State and Country field as Not Applicable?
10.  If India is selected at Country field, can the Base Currency Symbol & Name be changed?
11. If Not Applicable is selected at Country field, can  Base Currency Symbol & Formal Name be changed ?
Interview Question  Ref 01-01/22-03-31
Company creation in Tally PRIME.
The entry screen of Company creation in Tally PRIME is shown above. Now answer the questions at the right side.
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