Gateway of Tally – Advanced features

Gateway of Tally – Advanced Features

Gateway of Tally is the entry point of performing any task in Tally. After creation of first Company, you get Gateway of Tally to perform any task.

You know the basic components of Gateway of tally . Now we explain details about all components of Gateway of Tally.

At Gateway of Tally screen, the Tally Main Menu appears, along with following other components

Gateway of Tally

  • Horizontal Button Bar , at the top
  • Current Status , at the left part
  • Tally Menu, at the right part
  • Product Info panel (including Calculator), below the Menu
  • Vertical Button Bar at  right Part
  • Current Menu path, at bottom line (Footer)

When you perform any task (after finally selecting a menu option at Tally Menu), the Work Area takes the main screen area (in place of Tally Menu). The Vertical & Horizontal Button Bars, footer remain static and visible. Product Info / Calculator may remain visible (or may be hidden), as per options set, while you work with Tally.

Horizontal Button Bar in Tally

The Horizontal Button Bar  appears at the top in all Tally screens to access / perform the relevant tasks from a broad range of tools.

Horizontal Button Bar

Horizontal Button Bar contains a set of Buttons, as follows

  • P ; Print : To print any Report  from Display
  • E : Export : To get Tally data & tally Reports converted into specified format for use in other applications, out of Tally
  • M : E-mail : To Send any Tally report by e-mail to any recipient
  • O : Upload : To upload any Tally report (like Balance Sheet) on the web so that other persons can see it from anywhere through Internet.
  • S; Shop : To buy other Tally Add-on Products
  • G : Language : To set up Language in which you like to work with Tally.
  • K : Keyboard : To Set up keyboard for any specific language
  • K : Control Centre : To get the Control Centre to manage Tally
  • H : Support Centre : To get support from Tally Solutions. You need to login as remote Tally user to get support from Tally Solutions
  • H :Help : To  get On-Line info about any Tally Topic

Current Status of work in Tally

At the left part of Gateway, you get the information about current working:

Current Status in Tally

  • Current Period : It shows the Current Period set. Click F2: Period button (or press Alt+F2) to change the current period.  At From field, enter the Starting Date of the Current Period. It must not be earlier than Books Beginning From Date. At To field, enter the Ending Date of the Current Period. It may be any date after ‘Books Beginning From’ Date. You can enter data or get reports for a period lying within the Current Period set. To get report or work for any date beyond the current period, click Alt+F2 and re-set the Current Period accordingly.
  • Current Date : Here the Current Date (the Date you worked last) is displayed. It is carried as Voucher Date. Click F2: Date button (or press F2) to change Current Date. The next Date appears by default. Now you may alter the Date (within the Current Period), which becomes the Current Date. When you create a Voucher, the Current Date is carried by default at Voucher Date .
  • Active Company : Active Company is the Company which you are currently working with (the last selected Company). Its name is shown in Gateway, at top (in bold face) in the list of Companies.
  • Selected Companies :  Names of other selected Companies appear next in the list, shown in regular font.

Product Info Panel in Tally

Product Info Panel in Tally

At the bottom of the screen, the Tally Product info Panel about the Tally Software is shown. It contains several components :

  • Product  : Shows the Tally Logo
  • Versions & Updates :  Information about the current Tally Product being used  (Version, Release etc)
  • License & Services : Type of License etc
  • Configuration : Details of  Proxy Server, Stat, ODBC etc
  • Calculator : Here you perform Arithmetical calculations.

Product Info panel  Display control

Tally Product Info panel  Display control options

To Hide / Restore the Info panel, Click GoT>F12:Configure>General. At the option, Always Show info panel,

Hiding / Unhiding Info panel

To hide the Info panel at any specified screen, click (x) button at the extreme right.

A band with a  caret (^) handle appears in place of info panel. Click the caret (^) handle to restore the hidden  Info panel.

Tally Info panel Control Handle

Tally Calculator for Arithmetic Calculation

While viewing a Report or making data Entry, you may need to make some calculation mid way, You can perform any arithmetical computation (at Calculator area) without exiting from current Tally screen you are working with (you don’t need to fetch your Calculator).

Making Arithmetic Calculation

Invoking the Calculator : Press Ctrl+N to activate Calculator to do arithmetical calculation (the Calculator screen will appear and the Calculator panel will get activated and expand, overlapping  the Product Info Area.

  • Arithmetic Expressions : In Calculator area, type the arithmetic expression and press enter. You may use +, -, * and / for addition, subtraction, multiplication, Division and properly paired parenthesis ‘( )’.
  • Calculation results : The result of the arithmetic expression is shown in the next line . You may continue to make more Calculations like this and get results of each calculations.

Tally Calculator

If there is any mistake in typing the arithmetic expression, Tally will show Error! Message (Error!) at the result line.

Tally Calculator expression Error

Pasting  Tally Calculator  Result

Sometimes you need to Calculate some value to be entered in any field during working. In such case, apart from performing the desired calculation, you may also paste the result in Tally input field. It is useful when you like to enter some data that requires some numeric computation (e.g in a Voucher)

At the Numeric Input, where you like paste to enter some computed Data, press Alt+C. The Calculator will get invoked. Perform the Calculation as explained above. The result will be displayed in the numeric field where you invoked the calculator (Alt+C was pressed)

Tally Commands Execution

Apart from arithmetic expression, you may also type Tally commands at the Calculator Area   and press <enter>. The result will appear in a window.

To exit from Calculator / Command line mode and return to work area, press Ctrl+M (or click on the Work Area bar). 

Tally Commands entry at Calculator area

Tally Messages Display

Internal Messages (of an action, error massages, etc), are auto displayed in Calculator area

Tally Message displayed at Calculator area

Vertical Button Bar in Tally

At rightmost button bar panel shows several buttons (the buttons vary according to current screen in work area) with Function Key / Hotkey, to provide quick and direct access to various options & tasks. Depending on various options set, some buttons may become inactive (the inactive buttons are dimmed).

Invoking a task through Buttons

You may invoke a button (in Horizontal or Vertical button bar) in 3 ways :

  • F1 to F12). Press the Function key to invoke (e.g F7). Use Alt combination key for underlined button and Ctrl combination key for double underlined button.


  • : Press the Function key (e.g. F1:SelectCmp, Press F1 Function Key).
  • : Press Alt Key & Character/function key with single underline (e.g H:Help, press Alt+H).
  • : Press Ctrl Key & Character/function key double underline (e.g V:AsInvoice, pressCtrl+V).

Selecting a Menu Item / Invoking a Task  using Keyboard is much faster and easier than  clicking Mouse

Footer Line in Tally screen

At the Footer Line in Tally screen, you get the Current Screen Location bar showing the details about the current screen being displayed.

Footer Line in Tally screen

Tally Menu Item selection 

You may move between menus at various levels and invoke the menu tasks (i.e select menu options)

Selecting a Menu Item

You can select an option in Tally Menu in any of the following ways:

  • Type the Bold letter in keyboard. For example, to select Group, type G. This is the fastest way of selection.
  • Move highlight bar on the option with Up/Dn arrow key and press  <enter>
  • Click the option by the mouse

Menu Item selection in Tally

Moving to Upper Menu

Select Quit (or Press Esc key) at any Sub Menu (menus under Tally Main Menu) to return to the immediate upper level menu.  Alternately, click on the rightmost Cross (X) at the current work area handle .

This way, you may reach to the Tally main Menu (the uppermost level)

Current Wok Area Handle in Tally

Exiting from Tally

You can Exit from Tally, only after reaching the Tally Main Menu (the uppermost level),.

Exiting  from Tally

Now, you may finally Exit from Tally in the same way (select Quit, Press Esc key or click at the rightmost  x handle), as you Exit from Menu described above.  A confirmation screen appears.

Tally Help

Tally is an extensive software providing wide range of features, options and functionalities. Often the user will need to know more details and working steps regarding such features, options and functionalities.

To get Help about any topic, click H:Help button at the Horizontal Button Bar , or press Alt+H to get Help selection  screen. Select from the following options

  • Local Help: The Tally Reference Manual (tallyerp9ref – a compiled HTML file stored in the Tally software directory) is loaded. It is a Context-Sensitive Help System.  Since the Local Help system is stored in your Computer alongwith Tally Software, you may load it anytime from inside Tally.  Click H:Help button (or Type Alt+H, or click the tallyerp9ref file directly).
  • Online Help: Through this option, get access to the Online Help available on the Knowledge Base. It provides Frequently Asked Questions, Trouble shooting articles on specific topics, Tips to quickly use Tally.ERP 9, Case Studies, Articles etc. You must be connected to Internet to get such Help.

Tally Help selection

Local Help in Tally

When you select Local Help option in Help Menu , the Local Help screen appears (the Tally Reference Manual – a Compiled help file, gets loaded)

Tally Local Help screen

The Tally Help screen shows 3 tabs as follows:

The file tallyerp9ref (a Compiled help file) must remain in the folder where Tally is installed, otherwise you get a message Help file (tallyerp9ref.chm) is not available. Do you want to download it. Click Yes to download the Help file from Tally website (

Tally Help Manual Index

At Tally Help screen, select Index to get alphabetical list of topics. Select the desired topic to get the detailed info at the right panel

Index Tab of Tally Help Manual

Topic Search  in Tally Help Manual

Click the Search tab in Help Manual and Type the desired Topic at the textbox Type the Keyword to find and click Display button . All the topics related to the Search Topic entered at the Search textbox, are listed at the list box below. Now select the desired Topic in the list box and Click List Topics  button

The details of the selected topic is displayed at the right Part showing the keyword highlighted in the details of the Topic part

Search Tab of the Tally Help Manual

On-line Help

When  you select On-Line Help option at Tally Help selection screen, you get On-Line help Topic Search screen.

Enter the Topic to be searched. The topic is searched (you MUST be connected with Internet) from the Tally Knowledge base and shown in On-Line Help screen

On line topic search

On-Line Help screen

The On-Line Help screen is divided into following sections:

  • Main Part : Here the related topics searched from Knowledge base are listed. You may read them and further click related links.
  • Go To section: In this section, links to more materials are made available under the following headings:
  • Search : Links to Home, FAQs, Trouble Shooting & Case Studies
  • Fixed Links : Suggested Readings, Top Ranked Articles, Top Viewed Articles, Most Recent Articles, My Favourites, Feedback
  • Manuals : Tally ERP9, Shoper 9 POS, Shoper 9 HO, Shoper 9 Distributor

On-Line Help screen in Tally

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