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Student Career Path

Student get basic learning from Schools and Colleges. And than, they start planning for their career. Often they take supplementary help and guidance to achieve better score to get admission in their favourite institute, they aspired for. They  evaluate various option available, like Training Institutes, Private Coaching, Study material available in digital media for self leaning etc. Each such facilities have their advantages, limitations, Cost, location etc, to consider for.

In this post, we discuss about various learning materials and resources; and support services provided by dVidya to augment their learning and knowledge.

Free Learning Materials

dVidya provides free learning resources

for Commerce Stream of undergraduate & Graduate students offered by dVidya. The study materials are available in organised Blog posts supported by Video and Audio tutorials, and are freely accessible to any reader.

Student Learning Support

Apart from vast pool of Free materials for self learning, dVidya also offers one-to-one  hand holding service to students seeking personal assistance. Such services are offered by expert teachers on -line though smart phones. Students and Teachers can connect together from any part of the world. Student may choose their own teachers from list of Teachers on dVIdya website and pay directly to the teachers. dVidya only facilitates to connect students with right teacher of their choice.

Student Performance Evaluation

As dVidya offers free resources, there is continuous influx of students who access dVidya learning resources. Often students, not keen or regular in their study, just join and clog the system. It puts strain on administration and management of swelling number students.

To ensure that dVidya remain efficient and maintain quality of service, dVidya regularly watches and evaluates students performance and dedication. Students who abstain from study, fail to submit answers to problems in time, are deregistered, to make room for new students. Thus dVidya strives to provide best support to learn and grow,

Student own Contribution

Students are to submit answers in paper and send scan copy for review and assessment. They also explain their answers in selfie Video recording. This ensures that they do not tend to copy or imitate their peers and explain their own answers.   It improves their speaking ability,  build self confidence. We help students to speak cohesively, explain a topic in simple and lucid manner.

Freelance Jobs

dVidya requires various services of creators. Student may submit solution to problems with self video recorded explanation, translate from English to Hindi, Video record readings from website or other published materials, Video editing, publish dVidya contents on various social Networks like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other emerging networks. Contact us stating your skill areas,  experience and interest. May be some magic happens!