Teach from your Home, any time, anywhere – Earn Money

Teacher play the pivotal role of providing Basic learning & knowledge, and supportive services to augment the learning and guidance. dVidya helps to provide the supportive services by helping resolve a problem, finding and writing correct answer, evaluation of their work and rectifying mistakes.

Classroom Teaching :  Teachers may conduct short classes of dvidya, to explain any specific topic, or explain the  teaching methodology and vision of dvidya to their students.

Class Notes : Though Teachers are not authors of study materials for students, most f them create Study Notes, explaining the topic in simple, clear and crisp way. Students find the study materials of their favourite teachers, often more engrossing and interesting, than their curriculum standard books. They teachers study notes more helpful in understanding the  lectures delivered in the class room

dVidya helps the Teachers to publish their class notes in dVidya site. They may earn money by submitting their  handwritten classnotes, promote themselves to provide their services to more students

Support Services :  Teachers provide support services to students to clarify their doubts, helping them solve problems, assessment of students’s work.

Sale of dVidya Publications ; dVidya publications for students are sold directly to students through their website or authorised dealers. Teachers can book orders from students and earn commission on orders booked by them