Contribution by creative Authors

Teachers and Authors instantly earn from dVidya.

Authors earn by contributing materials to various platforms, in print form like Books, Journals, and in digital form like websites, Blogs, etc. Nowadays, it is normal to deliver the contents in Digital Formats, even for publications in Print.

They normally earn in way of regular Royalty such as Books, from Blog posts; or in one time payment at the time of publication. They may earn money periodically, over a long time, based on sales or views, or, they get a fixed amount one time at the time of submission or Publication.

Initial Struggles of New Authors

Getting a publisher is a bit difficult for new Authors. Publishers are apprehensive about the quality and sale of new Authors, to invest on and promote new Authors’ work.

Opportunity for Teachers  to earn Money from Class Notes

Good teachers often create their own Class Notes to deliver classroom lectures on curriculum courses in Schools and Colleges.  However, there is very limited opportunity to earn additional money from these class notes.

dVidya accepts contributions from new  School Book Authors and fresh School Teachers, for Class Notes for curium study materials, for publication in their website  

The process is very simple. Even New Authors and all school / college Teachers may submit school and college curriculum study materials composed in MS Word Files. In addition, they may also record lectures in smartphone audio recorder and earn more. Complete Support and assistance is provided to create engaging study materials. These digital materials are converted by experts into Video tutorials and published in various digital platforms. A great opportunity to make a shining career in the academic community.

Step by Step Guide for Authors and Teachers to submit their work

The process is easy so that any New Author can submit their own work instantly.

–   For text Materials : Compose the Text materials in MS Word. Images, if any, should be embedded in the document, at relevant place. Specify main Heading. Sub Headings. Our technicians will compose the materials for publication on our website.

–   For Audio Recording : In addition to the text materials submitted, you may record audio as you will speak in class room, through an Audio recorder App in smartphone.   

Click here for Step by Step guidelines for New Authors and Teachers to earn extra money instantly, without writing anything new.