Invoice Printing in Tally

Invoice Printing in Tally

Invoice Printing in Tally

Invoice is a very Important document for buyer and seller. It contains all the essential details of the transaction, and related information.  It is also a statutory document of proof of the transaction.  Invoice Printing allows  to print the contents in desired format, quickly and correctly.

You may print the current Invoice while creation / alteration. You may print multiple invoices in one shot after being entered and saved. You may set up the Invoice printing Configuration to set the layout and contents of the printed Invoice, as per your requirements.

Sales Invoice Printing in Tally

By Invoice Printing, we normally mean Sales Invoice. Sales Invoice is printed by the seller (a copy of which is given to Buyer), becomes Purchase Invoice for the Buyer. So, Purchase Invoice is normally not printed. However, Tally provides option to print a copy of Purchase Invoice, for internal reference, if required, in the same way as Sales Invoice.

Debit / Credit Note Printing in Tally

Sometimes, a Debit / Credit Note may be printed which  become the reverse document for the other Party (a Debit note Issued by a Party becomes a Credit note for the other Party & Vice versa). In such case, only one party may print the Debit Note / Credit Note and other Party uses it as the complementary document (Credit Note / Debit Note)

Invoice Printing Configuration in Tally

Invoice Printing Configuration in Tally

Invoice contains a lot of information and can be printed in alternate formats. You may set the format and contents of Invoice through Invoice Printing Configuration.

Invoice Printing Standard Configuration set up in Tally

At Gateway, click F12:Configure>Printing, to get Printing Configuration Menu. At Printing Configuration menu, select the desired document (Sales Transaction) to get the respective Document printing configuration Menu (like Sales Printing).

From the menu, select he document (like Sales Invoice) to get the respective Printing Configuration screen.

At the Printing Configuration screen, set the Standard Printing configuration options. These options will be used to print the Invoice. However, you may change the standard printing options at the time of Invoice Printing, applicable for that Invoice only.

Invoice Formats set up in Tally

At Invoice Printing Configuration screen, at Print in Simple Format, set Yes to print in Simple Format. The various particulars of Invoice are all put in one place in the header, leaving more space for Item details. This format is used when number of Items in the Invoice are more.

Set No to print Invoice in Normal Format. The various particulars of Invoice are printed in separate cells. So, the header takes more space, leaving  less space for Item details. This format is used when number of Items in the Invoice are less (otherwise the Invoice would spread to multiple pages

Invoice Printing in Tally

You may Print the current Invoice being displayed, as per current Invoice Printing Configuration options set.

If you have set Yes at the option Print After Saving ? for the voucher type, you will automatically get the Invoice printing screen after voucher entry.

Invoice Printing screen in in Tally

Alternatively, at Invoice entry / alteration screen, click P:Print  to get Invoice Printing screen.

At Print Yes No prompt, type Y to print the Invoice as per Standard Configuration set

Current Invoice Printing Configuration in Tally

To change the printing options for the Invoice being printed, at the current Invoice printing screen, click F12:Configure to get Current Invoice Printing configuration screen, with the Standard Invoice printing options carried as default.

Current Invoice Priniting common options in Tally

At the current Invoice Printing Configuration screen, the Important options are shown. To get other options press F12 button (no mouse click) to get additional Options.

Now you may change the options n either of the screens as desired, which would be applicable for the current invoice being printed.

Current Invoice Priniting  Additional options in Tally

Invoice in Print in Tally

Sample Invoice in print are shown

Sales Invoice

The Sales Invoice in Normal format and Sales Invoice in Simple Format are shown.

Sales Invoice (Normal Format)

Sales Invoice (Simple Format)

Purchase Voucher / Invoice Printing

Purchase Invoice is an Internal document, often it is printed in Voucher Mode for Internal record. There is an additional option to print Purchase Invoice in Voucher Mode (Sales Invoice can be printed in Invoice Format only)

At Invoice Printing Configuration, set No at the option Print in Simple Format and then set Yes at Print in Voucher Format to print the Purchase Invoice in Voucher Format

Debit / Credit Note Printing

The Debit / Credit Notes in Normal format and in Simple Format are shown.

Debit Note (Normal format)

Credit Note (Simple Format)

Multiple Voucher / Invoice Printing

Multiple  Invoice Printing screen

From Invoice entry / alteration screen, you may print the current Invoice being created / altered (only one invoice).

Through Multi Account Voucher Printing, you may print multiple invoices in one shot

At Gateway, select Multi Account printing > Multi Voucher printing to get the Voucher printing screen.  Now enter the period (From & To) and Voucher Type to print the vouchers / Invoices from the specified period  in one shot.

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