Tally Prime Accounts Reports Printing

Accounts Reports Menu in Tally Prime

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As soon as you enter a voucher, its effect is immediately reflected in the respective places and you may view any report on screen or print on paper at any point of time to get the updated figures.

  • GoTo Report list : To access any report, click on Go To option in GoT, to get the list of Main Reports. To get list of all Reports, click Expand All option at the top right of the Menu List (F-1A).  

F-1A:Go To Menu Reports

  • Reports Menu : You may also access Rep[orts from GoT Manu. The top level reports like Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, Ratio Analysis, etc. and Day Book, are available at Main Menu of Gateway of Tally (F-2A).

F-2A: Main Menu Reports

  • Click Display More Reports to get sub menu for all other reports (F-2B). Click on the respective option in the sub menu.

F-2B: Display Menu Reports

Reports Drill Down & Trace Back in Tally PRIME

From any on-screen report, press <enter>at any record to drill down, level-by-level to view the intermediary reports and ultimately reach to the vouchers list (you may also edit any selected Voucher therefrom). Press <Esc> key to trace back (to the higher level report) in the same path through which you drilled down.

ERP 9 की  तरह  Prime में भी Main Menu से  काम  करे (F-2A). सारे  Masters और  Voucher Entry option  सिर्फ  Main menu में  ही  है (F-2A / F-3B). लेकिन  Main Menu (F-2A / F-3B) या  Go To Tabs (F-1A), दोनों  जगह  से  Reports पा सकते  है. एक  साथ  कई  Reports open रख  सकते  है  और  Open Reports switch कर  सकते  है (F-1A).  

Tally Prime Accounts Reports Printing – Hindi Video

Tally Prime Accounts Reports Printing

Accounts Reports Printing – Hindi Video

Accounts Reports Printing – Video in English

Reports Printing in Tally Prime

At any Menu screen, Click P:Print button at the top menu bar (or Alt+P) to get Print Menu with following options (F-3A):

  • Others : To select any other Report for printing
  • Configuration : To set Report Printing General Configuration (F-4B). The options set would be applicable to all Reports for the Company. Select the option (F-4A) and press <enter> to change the values (Yes / No values are toggled and changed)

Print Menu (F-3A) से Other option(F-3A) से  Report select कर  selected Report Print करे  (F-6A).

F-3A: Print Menu

Configuration option (F-3A) से  General Configuration set करे  (F-4A).

कोई  भी  Report Display में  F12 : Configuration से  current report का  Display Configuration मिलेगा. हर  Report Display  Configuration options अलग  है. हर Report Display  में  us Report के  Display Configuration show किये  है.

F-4A: General Printing Configuration

Tally Prime Reports Printing Configuration  – Hindi Video

Reports Printing Configuration in tally – Hindi Video

Reports Display in tally – Video in English

Printing of Selected Report in Tally Prime

F-5A: Selected Report Printing options

At the current Report display screen, click (Ctl+P) to get Current Report Printing screen (F-5A), having 2 sections:

  • Important Configuration Options Display : The current configuration main options as set at display configuration are displayed for info. To change the options, click C:Configure button as explained next
  • Buttons :  Below the Important configuration options, the following buttons appear:
  • C:Configure : Type C or click F12:Configure button (or press F12) to set Current Report configuration options (F-6A to F-6C).
  • I:Preview : Type I to preview the Current report on screen, useful to the view the Report with scale in Print Format and to check the report contents before Printing. Wide and multi page report in print may be viewed in Print Preview. From within the Preview, you may Report may be printed on Printer from Print Preview also.
  • P:Print : Type P to print the report in printer.

Report Display screen में  (Ctl+P) type कर  Report Printing screen (F-5A) से  C:Configure button से  current report printing  का  Configuration set करे, I:preview button से  Report preview करे, P:print button से  Report printer में  print करे.

Tally prime Current Report Print

Tally prime Current Report Printing Configuration

Tally prime Current Report Print Preview

Tally prime Current Report Printing on Printer

Tally Prime Accounts Reports Configuration

Reports Display Features in Tally – Hindi Video

Reports Display Features in Tally – Video in English

Current Report Printing Configuration in Tally Prime

At Current report printing screen click C:Configure button or click F12:Configure button (or press F12) to get Current Report Configuration screen, which may be broadly divided into following sections (F-6A to F-6C):

  • Report Details : At Report Details section (F-6A), set the options to configure the detail contents of the report. These options are report specific and vary according to the selected report.

F-6A: Report Details Printing Configuration set up

  • Report Header : At Report Header section (F-6B), set the contents of Report Header (like Report Title, Sub Title, Page Number etc) and the Company Details as shown in the Report Header. These options are mostly common to all reports.

F-6B: Report Header Printing Configuration set up

  • Printer : Set the Printer options (F-6C). These options are mostly common to all reports.

F-6C: Printer Setting Configuration set up

Report Printing screen में  C:Configure button click कर  (या  C type कर ), या  F12:Configure button click कर  (या  F12 type कर), Current Report Configuration (F-6A to F-6C) set करे.

Reports Configuration in Tally – Hindi Video

Reports Printing in Tally – Video in English

Accounts Reports in Tally Prime – Key Points

  • Report Display : कुछ  खास  report (जैसे  Balance Sheet, P L Statement, Ratio Analysis) का option GoT Main menu में  मिलेंगे. बाकि  सारे  Reports GoT के  Display More Reports option के  Sub Menus से  मिलेंगे.
  • Current Report Display Configuration : कोई  भी  Reports Display screen में  F12:Configure click कर  उस  Report के  Display configuration set करे
  • Reports Printing General Configuration: कोई  भी  menu screen में  Alt+P type कर  Configuration option से  Report Printing General Configuration set करे, जो  सारे  Report पर  applicable होगा.
  • Current Report Printing options : कोई  भी  Report Display screen में  Ctl+P type कर  Current Report Printing options के  button से  :
  • Current Report Printing Configuration : C:Configure button से  current report का  printing Configuration set करे, जो  Current Report के  लिए  applicable होगा
  • Current Report Print Preview : I: Preview button से  Print Preview में  scale के  साथ  Report view करे, Long  report pan / scroll करे, Report Zoom कर  view करे, Print link से  Report Printer पर  Print करे.
  • Current Report Printing : P:Print button से  Current Report Printer में  print करे
  • Report Display में  F12:Configure set कर Report के  contents set करे. Display में  F12: Configure से  set किया  हुआ option Report Printing screen में  carry होता  है. Report printing screen के  C:Configure button के  Configuration बहुत  ही  लम्बा  और  complicated है. उस  से  हर  Report configure करना  आसान  नहीं. इसलिए  Report Display के  F12:Configuration से  option set करे. C:Configure button, सिर्फ  खास  जरूरत  पर  ही  click कर.

Save View : Tally Prime के  release 2 में  Save View option से  Configuration setting का  view save कर  सकते  है. हर  बार  Configuration re-set नहीं  करना  होगा . आप  saved Configuration select कर  सकते  है .

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