The Constellation

Authors, Teachers and Students collaborate to create on-line educational & learning ecosystem, connecting from their own place, using smartphones / computers.

This site covers complete academic courses for B.Com, BBA, CBSE/ISCE (XI-XII Commerce), Mathematics (11-12 and competitive examinations),

Professional courses like Implementation of Accounting Software in Business Organisations.


dVidya Knowledge Hub

The Complete Learning Chain

dVidya Knowledge Hub - Authors

Authors create Learning resources.  Our technical team transform their contributions into engaging tutorials in form of Blogs, e-books, Video Tutorials, Audio Book etc.

Teachers deliver lectures in classroom. We help them create their video Tutorials from their hand written / typed class notes into Audio / Video tutorials, e-books, Blogs. Their contributions are uploaded into dVidya website and instantly paid for. They also provide on-line support services to remote students all over the world and personal handholding support to local students, reaching to students all over the country, through dVidya network.

dVidya Knowledge Hub - Teachers

dVidya Knowledge Hub - Students

Students learn from FREE resources available in the site, like Video, e-Book, Blogs, Test, Quiz, etc.

Learn & Earn While learning, students earn Cash Prizes for their Answers/ Solutions contributed. dVidya constantly helps students write answers / solve problems, publish, promote and reward their good work through web site, offering Cash  Prizes.

dVidya Knowledge Hub – Learn & Earn

dVidya Knowledge Hub – Networking

Networking channels and platform provide forum for Teacher and Students to connect and interact. Students answer questions and solves problems, which are reviewed, commented and guided by expert teachers on-line, or through personal face to face handholding.