Point of Sales Invoicing in Tally

Point of Sales (PoS) Invoice in Tally

PoS is an acronym for point-of-sale. Point of Sale can be a retail outlet, a checkout counter in a shop, or any other location where cash sale transaction takes place.

PoS Invoice Features in Tally

PoS Voucher is a special type of Sales Voucher type for preparation of quick Cash Memo at retail counters, with full payment made at the counter (Credit Sale Bills cannot be made with PoS).

So, No Customer ledger need to be entered. Payment may be accepted in Multi mode in one invoice (like combination of Cash, Cheque, Credit / Debit Card, Gift Voucher etc).

Tendered amount may be entered to auto compute refundable amount for quick refund without mistake. Small Invoice format, user defined massages in invoice

PoS Invoice Entry Configuration in Tally

At GoT, click F12:Configure>Invoice Orders entry. Now set the default configuration options for PoS entry

  • Quantity : At Skip Qty field during PoS Invicing (faster Entry), set Yes to skip the Quantity field during PoS Invoicing, with default value of 1 (as normally retail buyer buys unit quantity  in most cases), for faster entry. To enter different quantity, get back to the quantity field and enter the quantity, else set No to enter Quantity for each Item.
  • Item Rate Alteration: At Allow Modification of Rate during entry, set Yes to enable change the standard rate of the Item. Set No, the Rate cannot be changed during voucher entry to ensure Invoicing with uniform standard rate.
  • Party Details : Normally Party Ledger is not created for cash buyers. So, Party Ledger Name is not selected in PoS.  To record  info about the buyer, at Allow Party Details in PoS Invoice, set Yes to enable entry of Party Name etc in PoS during entry. Set No, the prompt for Party Info would not appear and Party Info cannot be entered in PoS.

PoS Configuration set up in Tally

PoS Voucher Type creation in Tally

To enable PoS Voucher entry, create Pos Voucher type. Select Accounts Info>Voucher Types>Create to get Voucher Type creation screen

PoS Voucher Type Creation in Tally

Now enter as follows

  • Voucher Type  : At Type of Voucher, select Sales (as PoS is a Sales type Voucher)
  • Abbreviation : At Abbr , enter short name (Abbreviation) of the Voucher Type. This is printed in all Books of Accounts, for the Voucher Type
  • Method of Numbering : At Method of Numbering, select Automatic. The voucher  numbers will be automatically allotted serially as per Date
  • Mode : At Use Advance Configuration, set No (At PoS, normally a single range of voucher number is used, for simplicity. Set Yes to create multiple set of Invoice numbers as described in Voucher Type creation)
  • Common Narration : At Use Common Narration, set No  (In PoS, normally no Narration is entered for faster entry)
  • Ledger Narration : At  Narration for each entry, set No  (In PoS, normally no Ledger is entered for faster entry)
  • Voucher Printing : At Print After saving Voucher, set Yes to print the POS voucher immediately after entry.
  • PoS Invoicing : At Use  for PoS Invoicing Set Yes to define it as PoS Type voucher, to inherit special characteristics of PoS voucher
  • Message Lines At the two prompts, Print Message 1 & Print Message 2, Enter the respective messages texts that you like to print at the bottom of PoS Invoice.
  • Invoice Title : At Default Print Title,Enter the Title of the Document to be printed.
  • Declaration : At Declaration, Enter the text that would be printed at the end of each PoS Invoice, after Voucher Narration.

PoS Voucher Class creation in Tally

Using PoS Voucher type, you can enter payment of one invoice in one mode only (like entire payment of the invoice made in cash). To Accept payment in multiple mode in respect one invoice (e.g combination of Cash, Cheque, Credit Card, Gift Voucher etc), create PoS voucher class

To create a voucher class, enter the Voucher Class Name in Voucher Type Creation screen, as described, to get the Voucher Class definition screen, else press <enter>

PoS Payment Ledger Accounts set up in Tally

At Voucher class definition screen ,  set Yes against the type of payment you like to include in the PoS voucher class and specify the Sales & other ledger accounts

  • Gift Voucher : At Gift Voucher, set Yes and then select the Ledger Account (under Sundry Debtors), else set No (if Gift Voucher system is not implemented).
  • Credit / Debit Card Payment : At Credit / Debit Card Payment, set Yes and then select the Bank Ledger Account through which Credit / Debit Card  accounts are managed, else set No (if Credit / Debit Card system is not implemented)
  • Cheque / DD : At Cheque / DD, set Yes and then select the Bank Ledger Account, set No, if cheques are not accepted. 
  • Cash : At Cash, set Yes and then select the Cash Ledger Account

PoS Payment Ledger Accounts set up in Tally

Next enter Sales Ledger & then enter ledger account allocation in usual way, as applicable

PoS Invoice entry through PoS Voucher Type in Tally

Now we describe the PoS Voucher entry through PoS Voucher Type, using one Payment Ledger Account

At Gateway, Select Accounting  Voucher. Click F8:Sales Button.

  • POS Voucher Type selection : Select the PoS Voucher Type . At Class field, select Not Applicable to get POS Sales Voucher entry screen
  • PoS Sales Voucher entry : Click P:Single Mode Pmt button at the right side button bar. Now enter the voucher in usual way. At Party Account Name, you may select Not Applicable. You may enter Sales Ledger and other Sales Account , as applicable,  in usual way, like Sales Invoice Entry

Payments Details : Having entered the Item details and Accounting Allocation, select the Cash / Bank Account and enter the amount received. If the amount received is more than the net voucher mount, the balance amount is shown as Balance refundable to buyer. This makes it convenient to quickly refund the balance cash without mistake.

PoS Voucher entry through PoS Voucher Type in Tally

PoS Invoice Entry through PoS Voucher Class in Tally

If the payment of one invoice is received in multiple mode (like combination of Cash, Cheque, Credit / Debit Card, Gift Voucher etc), you have to make PoS Voucher entry through PoS Voucher Class.

Select the PoS Voucher Type . At Class field, select  the PoS Voucher class to get POS Sales Voucher entry screen. Click P:Mulit Mode Pmt toggle button. Now the Cash / Bank ledger accounts set in the PoS Voucher Class are available, to enable multi mode payments received against the invoice

Payment Details Entry : Having entered the Item details, as usual, enter the amount received in respect of each Card / Bank Ledger Account. The balance is shown receivable in Cash Account.

Enter the amount of Cash Tendered. The excess cash received & refundable to the customer, if any, would be shown at the Balance field.

PoS Voucher entry through PoS Voucher Class in Tally

PoS Invoice Entry Configuration in Tally

To change the default configuration, click F12:Configure to get PoS Entry configuration screen. Now set the configuration options, as desired, for the current PoS invoice being entered.

PoS Invoice Printing in Tally

Normally PoS invoice are printed on line during entry. After the PoS voucher entry  is over,  you get  PoS Invoice  printing screen (if you have set Yes at Print after saving voucher at the respective voucher Type creation screen). Type Y at print Yes / No prompt to print the PoS, with default printing options

Bottom Texts in printed PoS : The following details are printed at the lower part of PoS Invoice .

  • Payment Details  Entry: After the Item details, the details of payment in each payment mode, cash tendered & Balance Refunded, if any, are printed.
  • Voucher Narration : The voucher Narration, if opted for printing in Voucher Type, is printed after the Payment Details
  • Declaration : The Declaration, as set at Voucher Type, is printed after Voucher Narration
  • Message Lines : The Message Line 1 & 2, as set at Voucher Type, is printed after Declaration

PoS Invoice in Print in Tally

PoS Invoice Printing Configuration in Tally

PoS Printing Configuration in Tally

Unlike Invoice (Sales, Purchase), there is no default dimension setting options in PoS Printing Configuration PoS. So, the printed area of the length of Invoice may vary (convenient for Roll Paper invoice with variable length).

To set / change the PoS printing configuration, at PoS printing screen, click F12:Configure to get PoS Invoice Printing Configuration screen. Now set the POS Printing Configuration as follows 

  • Stock item Name Format : AtMethod to use for Stock item NameSpecify the Format of the Item to be printed.
  • Item Name: At Print Item Name in One Line, set Yes to print the Item details in a single line In Neat Mode, Tally will compress the letters to fit into one line, In Quick Draft Mode, Tally truncates the text upto one line.
  • Item Serial Number : At Print Serial Number,set Yes (default value) to print the running Serial Number for each Item (starting from 1),  else set No to omit Serial Number in Invoice
  • Item Rate: At Print Rate Column, set Yes to print the Rate column, else set No to omit Item Rate in Invoice
  • Card/Cheque No. : At Print Card/Cheque No, set Yes to print the Card/Cheque number and then  you may further set Yes at Print Whole Card Number, to print entire (16 digit) card number on the POS Invoice.  Else, Set No at Print Whole Card Number, to print only last 4 digit of card number (to conserve space and maintain secrecy of card number).
  • Voucher Narration : At Print Narration,set Yes,  to print Voucher common Narration. Set No to omit Voucher Common Narration

PoS Invoice Register in Tally

Having entered the PoS Invoice, you may print the PoS Invoice Register listing the PoS Invoices. Select  Display>Account Books>PoS Register to get PoS Register for the current period. This report is similar to Sales Register

To view the inventory details in POS Register, at POS Register, click  F12:Configure  to get POS Register Configuration and set Yes at Show Inventory Details also. The Configuration & Buttons  at POS Register are similar to Voucher Register.

PoS Invoice Register in Tally

PoS Register shows the list of PoS Invoice with separate column for each payment type (viz, Cash, cheque, gift voucher & Credit / Debit Cards) and the column totals.

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