Accounts Vouchers- Tally PRIME- Frequently Asked Questions

How to enter Voucher Date in Voucher?

To set Voucher Date Entry, at Voucher Entry screen, click F12:Configure. At Voucher Entry Configuration screen, at Skip the date Field during Voucher creation, set as follows:

  • Automatic Voucher Date Carrying : Set Yes, The cursor skips the Voucher Date field and the Current Date is automatically carried by default at Voucher Date, to avoid Voucher Date entry each time. This is useful to consecutively enter Voucher of same Date. To change Voucher Date, Press F2:Date and enter current Date, which is again carried consecutively in all the vouchers entered, until you change it again.

Alternatively, at the first ledger account, press <Shift+Tab> to go back to Date field to change / enter Voucher Date.

  • Voucher Date entry in each Voucher : Set No. Cursor comes Voucher Date field. Enter Voucher Date. This method is useful when you enter Vouchers of different Dates.

How to carry Narration in the Current Voucher, during voucher entry, from preceding voucher

Ans : To Carry the Narration entered in the preceding voucher, Press Ctrl+R.

After getting the Narration copied from previous voucher, you may edit (modify) the Narration in the current voucher as desired. This helps you quickly enter consistent Narration text to consecutively enter vouchers of similar nature of transactions.

How to save a voucher after creation / modification?

Ans : After you complete entry of the voucher, press  <enter> or type  at ‘Accept? Yes or No’ prompt,

To save the voucher instantly (without getting any prompt) after entry/modification, press Ctrl+A.

What is effect of Voucher Number on insertion / deletion of back dated Voucher under Automatic Numbering Scheme?

Ans : In automatic voucher numbering scheme, the Voucher Numbers are automatically maintained in sequence, as per Voucher Date. So, when you Delete or Insert a back dated Voucher (or even modify the Date of a back dated voucher), all the voucher number of subsequent dates will automatically get renumbered chronologically.

So, DO NOT Insert, or Delete (rather Cancel a Voucher), else your vouchers will get renumbered and Accounts Reports would get altered.

How to Alter a Voucher?

There is no Menu option or Button for Voucher Alteration. To Alter a Voucher, you must get the Voucher in Voucher list. There is no simple and straight forward method to access a voucher. Rather, there are several Alternate Method, depending on the information available about the Voucher.

  • Select the desired Voucher form Day Book display : When Voucher Date is known, the most common way is to list the Day Book for the specified Date (Date of the Voucher to be altered). Select GoT>Day Book. Click F2:Date. All Vouchers of the specified Date will be listed. Now find out the Voucher from the list and click on it (you may click the desired Voucher Type to filter the Vouchers). The voucher Alteration screen of selected Voucher will appear showing the Data. Now you may alter data in any filed and save the Altered Voucher.
  • Select the desired Voucher from Other Reports Display: You may drill down from any Report, which contain the data of the desired Voucher upto Voucher List (like Ledger Voucher, Voucher Register etc) and click on the Voucher to get in Voucher Alteration Mode.

How to convert a Voucher from one type to another?

Ans :If you have made the voucher entry in a wrong type of voucher, you may convert the voucher in the following way:

Drill down through the voucher record from any report. At Voucher Alteration screen, click the appropriate Voucher Type button on the Vertical Button Bar and press Ctrl+A to save the Voucher.

If some entries offend the voucher type to which you like convert to, you would be prompted to select appropriate Ledger from List of Ledgers. You may have to enter the Amount against the respective ledger again.