Stock Query in Tally

Stock Query in Tally

Stock Query

The Stock Query retrieves information from Inventory Master Record (like  stock item, Stock Group, Stock Category,  Remarks, Cost Price, Std. Selling Price, Costing & Market Valuation Method etc), and Vouchers (like Sales, Purchase, Debit Note, Credit Note, Stock Journal, Orders, Delivery Notes etc) ) at one centralized place for viewing

Stock Query Display

At Gateway of Tally, select Display > Statements of Inventory > Stock Query and then select the Item from List of Items to view the Stock Query screen of the selected Stock Item.

Stock Query showing Items under same Stock Group

Components of  Stock Query on Masters

Stock Query on Masters screen contains  following major Parts :

  • Stock Item Particulars: In this part, various Important info of the Stock Item like Group, current closing stock, Stock Item remarks, details of last Purchase & Sale (Date, Party, Quantity & Rate) etc are shown.
  • Godown/Batch Detail : In this part, godownwise detail of the current available stock  (with Batch details, where applicable) are displayed
  • Items of the same Group / Category : In this part, details of other Items (Stock Quantity, Cost & sale Price) in the same Group / Category are displayed

Components of  Stock Query on Vouchers

Stock Query on Vouchers show specified voucher details satisfying the Query parameters

Stock Query results on Inventory Vouchers

Stock Query Configuration

At Stock Query, click F12:Configure to get Stock Query Configuration screen. Now set the Configuration as follows :

  • Show related Items of same Group : Set Yes to show other Items under the  same Stock Group, Set No to  show other Items under the  same Stock Category
  • Show All Aliases : Set  Yes to show all Aliases (otherwise Alias name are not shown)
  • Show using Alternate Units : Set  Yes to display Alternate Units information, where applicable
  • Show Tail Units of Compound Units : Set Yes to display Tail units (if the Stock Item is expressed in Compound Unit)
  • Show Remarks of the Item : Set Yes to display Remarks (as entered in the Stock Item master)
  • Show Description of the Item : Set Yes to show Item Description (as specified in the Stock Item master)
  • Show Last Nos. of Transactions Set Yes to display the last transaction Voucher Number & date
  • Show All Godown / Batches (incl. zero balance) : Set Yes to show Godwnwise / Batchwise details of current stock

Stock Query Configuration

Stock Query Buttons

Following special buttons are available in Stock Query screen

  • F4:Item : To select another Stock Item to show the Stock Query for the selected Stock Item
  • F5: Show / Hide Stat Info. : Toggle button to display the Statutory Info (Tax / VAT Information of the Stock Item) as defined in the Stock Item Master.
  • F6: Re-Orders : To display the Re-Order Status of the stock item.
  • F7: Price List : To display the Price List of the  Stock Item.
  • F7: Top Buyers/Sellers : To display the Top buyers and sellers for the Stock Item.

Stock Query Button Bar

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