Sales and Purchase Summary in Tally

Sales & Purchase Summary in Tally

Sales and Purchase summaries show various summary reports of Sales, Purchase, Debit Note & Credit Notes. These reports are derived from the Vouchers listed in Bill Register.

Sales & Purchase Summary Display in Tally

At Gateway, Select Display > Account Books to get Accounts Books Menu. At Account Books Menu, select Sales Register to get Monthly Sales Summary, select Purchase Register to get Monthly Purchases Summary, showing the monthly net amount of Sales / Purchase.

At monthly summary, Click F2:Period button and set the Period (From & To) to get the Summary (Monthly)  for desired period.

Periodic Sales Summary in Tally

Sales & Purchase Summary Display Configuration in Tally

At Sales / Purchase Summary display, click F12:Configure to get Sales / Purchase Register Summary Configuration screen.

Periodic Summary Report  Configuration in Tally

At Sales /Purchase Summary Configuration screen, set the options as below.

  • Transaction Columns :  At Net Transactions only, set Yes to show the Net of Transactions (Net of Debit or credit). Set No to show both Debit & Credit amount in separate columns
  • Closing Balance  : At Show Closing Balance, set Yes to show closing balance for each period end. Set No to omit the Closing Balance Column
  • Percentage on Sales :At Show Percentage, set Yes to show % figures (of the Total figures for the selected period),  Having set Yes at Show Percentage, The basis of % : Of Total appears in the next line is shown. Set No, the Percentage column does not appear
  • Periodicity : At Periodicity to Use, select the desired Periodicity from the list. The figures are shown according to the period selected
  • Periodic Average : When you set No at Net Transactions only, at Show Average Details, you may further set Yes to show period Average values of each column in a line. Set No, the line containing the  Average Figures does not appear.
  • Graph : At Show with Graph, set Yes to show Bar graph for the periodical figures, at the bottom of the report (the area for the report get reduced). Set No, the Graph does not appear

Sales / Purchase Summary Display Buttons

At Sales /Purchase Summary, you get following specific buttons in addition to other common buttons

– F4: Vch Type: To select a Voucher Type from list of Voucher Type to get the Report of selected specific Voucher Type.

– F5:Qrtly/Monthly : Toggle button to  show Quarterly / Monthly Break up

Sales / Purchase Summary Button bar in Tally

Bill Register Extracts Display in Tally

Bill Register  Display does not show the total figures of Ledger Account / Group transacted in the vouchers listed in the Bill Register (only the Net Bill Amount total is shown).  Bill Register Extract  shows the Ledger / Account group wise total for the Bill Register. This is an Important summary providing ledger account wise periodical control totals for management information and account control for subsidiary Books of accounts

Bill Register Extract  Display in Tally

From Bill Register Summary, drill down to get Bill Register (Voucher Register) Display screen. At Bill Register Display, click F6:Extract button, or at Bill Register  Display  configuration  set Yes at Show Extract of Register, to get the respective Extract Display.

Sales Register Extract Display in Tally

Bill Register Extract Buttons in Tally

Bill Register Extract Button Bar in Tally

At Bill Register Extract Report , you get the following buttons to set the contents of Bill Register Extract.

– F1 : Detailed / Condensed : Click Detailed Toggle button to show all subordinate groups / ledger accounts) Click Condensed  to show only top level groups / ledger accounts of each Voucher.

– F4: Chg Vch :Click to select desired Voucher show the Register of selected  Voucher Type

– F6 : Voucher / Extract : Click F6: Voucher Toggle button to show the Bill Register (Voucher Register).  Click F6: Extract Toggle button to get Bill Register Extract

At  Register Extract Display, Click P:Print to get the Register Extract Printing screen, to get the Bill register in print

Multi Account Bill Register Extract printing in Tally

At Gateway, select Multi Account printing> Account Books to get Multi- Account Accounts Books  Printing Menu. At Multi- Account Accounts Books  Printing Menu, select Sales  / Purchase Register to get respective Multi Account Register printing screen

Multi Account Register Extract printing in Tally

At the respective Multi Account Register Printing screen, set Yes at Show Extract of Register. Type Y to Print Bill Register Extract Report for the specified period, similar to Bill Register Extract in print from Display.

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