Payroll Voucher in Tally PRIME

Payroll Voucher creation in Tally PRIME

After creation of required Masters, create Attendance / Production Vouchers and set up Employee Pay Structure (Pay & Deduction Rates and computation rules) to compute Pay & Deduction for printing Pay Slip and related Reports.
You may create Payroll Voucher in any of the following 2 methods :

  • Manual Pay Voucher entry : In this method, enter the computed values of each Pay & Deduction head to Maintain Employee Pay accounts and generate related Reports. This is like simple Accounts Voucher entry. Select Employee name and then enter the values of each pay & deduction head.
  • Pay Computation from Attendance / Production Voucher : In this method, Employee Pay & Deduction Rates and computation rules are entered in Employee Master, and the periodic Attendance / Production data is entered in Voucher. The Pay & Deduction for each Employee is computed using the Attendance / Production Voucher Data and Pay Structure from Employee Master.

Payroll Voucher Manual Entry in Tally PRIME

Like Accounts voucher, Payroll voucher may be created by entering data manually. This mode is useful for Fixed Pay and not much Pay Calculation is involved. The Amount in respect of each Pay & Deduction head is entered for the respective Employee.

Accounts Voucher Entry has been explained at Accounts section. Here we explain additional info in respect of Payroll Voucher entry, for payment of Net Pay to the Employee.

At Voucher Entry (GoT>Voucher) screen, click Ctrl+F4 to get Payroll Voucher entry screen (F-1A).

F-1A: Payroll Voucher Entry

Payroll Voucher Entry details in Tally PRIME

At Payroll Voucher entry screen, like Payment Voucher entry in single mode, enter as follows (F-1A):
Cash / Bank Account : At the Header, select Cash / Bank A/c by which payment is made to the Employee
Under Particulars section, select the Employee Name and Pay Head details as follows:

  • Employee Name : First select the Employee from the list
  • Pay / Deduction Head : After selection of Employee, select the Pay Head and enter the amount & Dr (for Pay Heads) / Cr (for Deduction Heads) sign. This way, select Pay Head and enter amount in respect of each Pay / Deduction head for the selected employee. Select End of List to terminate entry for the Employee.

This way, enter the details of each Pay Head in respect of each Employee. Enter Narration. Save the Voucher.

Attendance Voucher in Tally PRIME

To compute Pay, Attendance / Production Voucher data is to be entered for each Employee for each Head. The Pay head values for would be computed by Tally from the Voucher Data using the Pay Details specified in Employee Master (Employee Pay Structure).
At Voucher Entry (GoT>Voucher) screen, click F10: Other Vouchers, and select Attendance from the list of Voucher Types (F-3A), to get Attendance Voucher entry screen (F-3B)

F-3A: Attendance Voucher Type selection

Attendance Voucher Entry in Tally PRIME

F-3B: Attendance Voucher Entry

At Attendance Voucher entry screen, enter the date of Voucher. The Attendance Voucher may be entered for each Date (to maintain daily Attendance record), or Payroll Period end Date (to maintain consolidated Period Attendance / Leave / Absence for the Payroll (e.g for the month).

Select the Attendance Head and enter the value. This way, enter value for each Attendance Head, for each Employee.

Click F12:Configuration and set the Configuration options (F-3C).

F-3C: Attendance Voucher Configuration

Payroll Voucher in Tally PRIME

Select GoT>Voucher and press Ctrl+F4 to get Payroll Voucher Entry screen (F-4A), Enter Voucher Date and then click AutoFill Button (or press Ctrl+F) to get Payroll AutoFill screen.

F-4A: Payroll Voucher before Autofill

Payroll Voucher Autofill in Tally PRIME

F-4B: Payroll Auto Fill details

At Auto Fill screen (F-4B), enter as follows :

  • Salary Process : At Process For, select Salary from the Process List to Process Salary
  • Pay Period : At From & To, enter the Start & End Date of Pay Period.
  • Employee/ Group: Select All (to compute for All Employees in one shot) / Employee Group (to compute for Employees of a selected Employee Group) / Employee (to compute for a selected Employee only).
  • Sort By : Select Employee Name / Employee Code, from the list
  • Payroll Cash /Bank Ledger : Select Cash / Bank / Salary payable Account
  • Include Employees having ‘For Banking Details’ : Set Yes to process payroll who have Bank Account details in Employee Master

After entry of All details, you will get the Payroll Voucher filled up with values for Pay Heads for the specified Employees for the specified period, as if all data have been entered manually in the Payroll Voucher (F-4C).

F-4C: Payroll Voucher after Autofill

Save the Voucher

Payroll Voucher in Tally PRIME – Key Points

  • GoT>Alter> Employee से Employee Master में Salary Details entry करे
  • Payroll Voucher में Calculated Pay Data entry के लिए GoT> Voucher में Ctrl+F4 से Payroll Voucher में F:Autofill से computed Payroll Voucher create करे
  • Employee master की complete details (pay Structure और बाकि सभी details) की कोई list नहीं मिलती . Chart of Accounts से सिर्फ Employee Name और Alias के अलावा और कोई भी details show नहीं होता
  • GoT>Vouchers से Attendance / Production select कर Attendance / Production Voucher में entry करे. Attendance voucher के लिए कोई shortcut key नहीं है .

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