Journal Book – Tally PRIME- Frequently Asked Questions

Explain Display and printing of Journal Register 

Journal Register Display : First you have to display for a specified month and then you can display for any specified period.

  • For a Month: Select GoT>Display More Reports > Account Books > Journal register to get Monthly Journal Register. Select a Month to Display Voucher Register list for the selected month.
  • For any Period: After selecting a month, click F2: Period Button (or press Alt+F2) and set the period (e.g. 1-7-21 to 31-8-21), to get the list of journal voucher for the selected period. 

In Display, First Ledger Amount is shown in Debit Column. Other Ledger amounts are shown in inner columns with Debit / Credit sign. Only Debit column totals are shown. So, in Display, report total does not show the correct transaction ledger totals (for Journal Voucher with multiple Debits) as Amount of First Ledger Account only is totalled.

Journal Register Printing : At Voucher Register list, press Ctrl+P:Print to get Journal Register printing screen. Click C:Configure to set the Configuration option and / or Click P:Print button to print Cash Book on Printer. In Print, ledger figures are shown in Debit and Credit columns, but only Debit figure of First Ledger Account of the Vouchers are shown. So, in Multi Debit Vouchers, the total figures are wrong!