Inventory Masters-Frequently Asked Questions- Tally Prime

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ-1 : I want to maintain Accounts with Inventory. How do I set up Inventory Option?

At time of creation of Company (F-2/02-01), at Maintain field, select Accounts with Inventory. Now you will get all options of Inventory in the respective Menu

FAQ-2 : How to show Stock Group Quantity in Reports?

In Reports, the Stock Group Quantity, represents the total of quantity of Stock Items under the Stock Group. At Stock Group creation screen (Inventory Info>Stock Groups>Create), to get the quantity of Stock Group, set Yes at Can Quantities of Items be added, to get the Stock Group Quantity where the UoM of all the Items under the Group is same.

Note :The Stock Quantity of Items having different UoM are not added even if they are under same Stock Group and you have specified Yes at Can Quantities of Items be added.

FAQ-3 : At the time of creation of Stock Items, the Opening Stock Quantity is not known. How I can enter the Opening Stock Quantity later on.

At the time of creation of Stock Item (Inventory Info>Stock Items>Create), press <enter> at the Opening Balance field

Later on, to enter the Opening Stock Balance, select Inventory Info>Stock Items>Alter, Under Single or Multiple Option.

  • In Single Stock Item Alteration Option, select the Stock Item to get it in alteration mode and then enter or modify the Opening Stock Quantity anytime (P-07)
  • In Multiple Stock Item Alteration Option, select All Items to get all Items in alteration mode. Now enter or modify the Opening Stock Quantity anytime (P-19.01/05-01)

It is easier to enter Opening Stock Value in many Items through Multiple options. Click Skip Parent to easily reach the Opening Quantity column.

FAQ-4 : We undertake service jobs of various kinds and like to know the amount of service done for each kind but maintain only one Service Income Ledger Account. What is the preferred way?

Create Stock items for each type of Service (.g Repairing Charges, Cleaning Charges etc). If you like, you may set Not Applicable at UoM for some or all service Items where you do not have any quantity. During voucher entry, enter the respective Stock Item. Quantity will not be asked when you select the Item in any voucher (but Amount is to be entered).

You may rename the Sales Account Group to Service Income., create a Service ledger Account (§03.02/01-03) under it.

This way, you will get Service Income figures (in amount) for each type of service, even maintaining one Service Income ledger account.