dVidya FreeSkool : On-line Teaching from Home to Class XI-XII Students

Internet – The Big Hearted Benevolent

In the Internet age, we have witnessed the trend of providing free services to users. Users receive a variety of services, at no charge. For example, in daily life, people search for information, send messages, communicate with others, etc. This model of providing free services was unimaginable before the digital age. In those days, only non-profit organizations or governments could provide free services.

Social Media providing free services

Likewise, the dVidya FreeSkool Project provides free learning resources and services to high school students, focusing on rural areas and small towns, where good learning opportunities are limited, and not affordable for all. dVidya is a self-sustaining, self-funded project. It charges no fees to students, and also offers cash awards to deserving students. Additionally, dVidya provides a collaboration platform for teachers, authors, and other service providers. They work together to propagate and promote education to all segments of society. The project encourages authors and teachers to contribute learning materials and student support, working from their own place, and earn money.

dVidya FreeSkool for Students,  Teachers and Authors

Students and Teachers may visit  https://dvidya.com and enroll themselves through the  Message pop up box on the site.

More information about Free services provided by dVidya to Students

On -line Coaching by Teachers

Private Coaching: Students mainly learn at school. However, often students need additional support for Doubts Clearing or Assistance. For this they seek help from Private Teachers, or Tutorial Homes, for additional personal support. They interact with the Teacher face to face and get the problem solved. 

Limitations of Traditional Class room Coaching : However, class room coaching is not scalable. Only limited students can be accommodated in a class room. Fees of all classroom coaching is high. Students in far places may not join.  So, even long experienced private Tutors, teaching in traditional method in pen paper & chalk and board, are gradually losing students

Paucity of Students : New student enrolment is difficult, particularly for new tutors, in rural areas where students population is limited, and often not affordable for them. So, teacher’s income is limited. The repetitive work is boring and unproductive.

On-line Coaching : However, with gradual proliferation of smart phones and easy access to various digital devices, students are increasingly using digital media for learning. An on-line Tutor can teach unlimited number of students around the world, round the clock, with multifold income!

So, Young Teachers, proficient in digital media, are gradually moving towards digital media. Coaching Centres are employing professionals to create  their own contents.

Individual Teachers: However, creating digital contents is expensive, requires technical knowledge. So, Teachers cannot create good quality contents in digital form.

dVidya Learning Platform : dVidya uploads teachers’ recordings in its website.

On-line Teaching in dVidya platform

The steps of uploading contents in dvidya website are explained next

Teacher Enrolment : Visit  https://dvidya.com. On the Message pop up box on any page of the site, Teacher should submit all relevant particulars and email id (like Name, WhatsApp Number, email id, location, Qualification, Experience, Current Teaching position, Subjects Taught, etc.

Ready learning materials in dVidya website :  Teachers need not create any new content. Teacher may select any topic from dVidya site (like Text,  MCQ. Problems etc).  For convenience, website subject links are given at the end.  and explain the topic, explanatory answer to MCQ. The recording steps are explained next.

Recording of Contents by  Teachers :  Enrolled Teachers just need to record their lectures in a smartphone and email the audio file to dVidya.  Our team will extend necessary assistance to the teachers to record their contents.

Submission of Teachers’ Recordings: The Teacher may submit audio recording of Answers to Questions, explanatory notes of key points in the Study Notes (Bog posts), in their voice. Our team member will guide and help in creation of Audio / Video record in first instance. dVidya will create Video from the recording and supporting digital contents submitted by the teacher.

Uploading Teachers Work in dVidya website : dVidya  would covert the teacher recorded audio into professional Video Tutorials and upload in its website. All technical work of creating and uploading the Audio / Video will be done by dVidya Team. The Video would be freely available to all viewers of dVidya.

Wide publicity of Teachers Work through digital media : The name of the Teacher would also be included at the end of the work. The website link would be shared with Teacher. The Teacher may instantly share the link with students. They can play Teachers work using their smart phone or other devices, and learn.

dVidya FreeSkool – Teacher and Author Remote work earnings

Teachers’ Audio Recording  Process

Now we explain the simple steps of recording of Teachers Audio

Select the Contents in dVidya Website : Open the desired post in dVidya website (Links for various subjects are given at the end). Now view the Para or Question /in the post you like to explain. Now you may create Audio or Video record as desired.

Audio Recording : Now start the Audio recording App to record the Audio. Then record each line of the solution of the Problem or type the paragraph. You should create separate Audio file for each Line / Paragraph and number the filenames serially.

Video Recording : Now start the Camera. Set the selfie mode. Set the camera such that your full face is only visible in the camera. Now explain the contents in the same way as you do for Audio recording. Record each line of the solution of the Problem or type the paragraph. You should create separate Video file for each Line / Paragraph and number the filenames serially.

Naming and sending the files : You should number each file in sequence and email the files by attachment to dvidyamai@gmail.com.

Good quality audio / video will get on-line students. So, select your preferred topic from the site, for which Audio Video records are still not uploaded.

Uploading the Teachers recordings in dVidya site

dVidya technician team would upload the Audio Video in dvidya.com website site. The recordings link would be visible to all viewers of the site around the world.

Teachers List

The Name of the Teachers and the links to their uploaded recordings, would be published in the list of Teachers, in the website.  Students may check / review the Teachers recordings. They may  enroll their name with the Teacher of their choice, for support services, on direct payment to the Teachers Account.

dVidya FreeSkool – Teachers and Authors remote work

Earnings from Service to Students

dVidya provides access to learning materials and student work assessment, FREE of Cost, but does not provide personal support service, like solving a problem where the student is stuck, or doubts clearing to students. Such support services would be provided by Teachers.

  • Selection of Teacher by Student: Student may select a Teacher from dVidya Teachers Panel and get remote personal service.
  • Remote connection scheduling : In case of group of Students, such service is provided through virtual meeting (like zoom / Google Meet etc). dVidya would provide technical and administrative service, to schedule and manage on-line meetings between Teacher and Students. Individual student may communicate with teacher through WhatsApp etc.
  • Payment by Student to Teacher : Enrolment with Teacher for support service would be on pre payment by Student to respective Teacher directly. So, Teacher directly gets full payment in advance from Student, without sharing with dVidya, which provides such service FREE OF COST.
dVidya FreeSkool – Teacher and Student remote support