dVidya FreeSkool : FREE On-line learning for Class XI-XII Students

dVidya FreeSkool is a Pilot Project initiative with aim to providing FREE on-line learning. Students   may learn Free of Cost, using Smartphones or other devises like Desktop, Laptop or Tablet connected with Internet.

Currently dVidya offers learning resources and services on Mathematics & Statistics for Science and Commerce stream, and elective subjects for Commerce Stream (Accountancy, Mercantile Laws & Economics) for Class 11-12.

Students learn from various learning resources and services. In spite of working hard, often students fail to perform well. Students listen to Teachers lectures in classroom. However, there is no regular and continuous work assignments, work evaluation and progress tracking during the learning stage. Their performance is evaluated only at Board Final Examination.  So, often they fail to preform well in examination, due to lack of continuous home work, review and mistake rectification throughout learning stage.

dVidya FreeSkool helps students learn and perform better in examination, through best learning resources created by experts; regular submission of Question Answer & work assignments, continuous review and evaluation of student performance and progress.

The Student Leaning, Earning & Job cycle is briefly depicted through following chart

The entire study and communications will be on-line. So, the student needs a device like Smartphone, Table, Laptop or Desktop with Internet connection. A computer / laptop / Tablet having wider screen would be more convenient to work than Smartphone.

dVidya FreeSkool

Student Study

  • Study Subjects : dVidya FreeSkool Project has started with Mathematics & Statistics (Class 11-12) for Commerce & Science stream, and Commerce Subjects (Accountancy, Mercantile Laws  & Economics for Class 11-12). Later on, more streams may be covered.
  • Learning Resources :  Students freely access dVidya.com website anytime. It offers huge stock of learning materials, written by experts, in form of Blogs, PDFs, Video and Audio Tutorials, Question Answers, Multiple Choice Questions and Answers.
  • Student enrolment : Enrolment is simple. Just visit the website dvidya.com  Enter your Name, WhatsApp Number, e-mail id, and Subjects of Interest in Message Form in the website page, and submit (or send email to dvidyamail@gmail,com). The student will receive a reply email within 2 days, with Student Enrolment Number (SEN), complete instructions and information.
  • Subject Selection: Students should Study selected subjects from materials uploaded in Website.
Free Learning

Assignments and Work Review

  • Student Home work Submission : After thorough study of the learning materials from the website, student should submit answers to Multiple Choice Questions, Numerical Problems, Theoretical Test Questions, as asked for, within specified time.

Student should write the answer in a paper, scan the answer paper and email to dVidya (dvidyamail@gmail.com).

  • Review of Student Submission:   Student answer paper of are assessed by dVidya. If the answer is not satisfactory, they would be asked to rectify mistakes and resubmit the Answer. After receipt of satisfactory answer, a model answer would be  sent by email. The Student should go through the Model Answer and learn from it.
Assignments and Work Review

Students Rewards, Earning while Learning 

After the student has answered the assigned study problems satisfactorily, Regular and well performing students would be given special assignments for Rewards (SAR). Such students  would submit Answer to assigned SAR, on Paper and Video record in smartphone, as explained next.

  • Student written Answer: Write the answers of the Assignment Question in Paper.  On the top, Write  your Name, Full question. Then write the Answer briefly explaining each point and solution steps. Scan the Answer Paper by smartphone scanner App. Save the file in your phone in Image or PDF Format. Rename the scanned image / pdf file with Student name, Student Enrolment Number and e-mail the file to dvidyamail@gmail.com,
  • Student created Answer Video : Students are also asked to submit answer in Selfie Video. Explain the answer in the same way of answering question in school by Teacher, and record in Smartphone in selfie mode, such that your full face appears in the Video. Rename the Video file with Student Name and Enrolment Number, and e-mail the file to dvidyamail@gmail.com,
Earning while Learning

Student work Publication and Reward

Good answers would be published in dVidya website and the student would be rewarded. The students would get wide publicity and recognition, improve their writing and communication skill, boosting self confidence.

Student work Publication and Reward

Student Free Learning Overview

Student Free Learning Steps