Voucher is record of all transactions. Ideally, Vouchers should be recorded immediately. So, all vouchers would be chronologically recorded, as they occur, and be identified by consecutive serial number.

Voucher Identity & Controls: However, in practice, organisations find it difficult to religiously record vouchers instantly, maintaining authentic records. So, they seek alternate ways to record vouchers, fixing their own rules as per their convenience. 

Voucher Controls Flexibility : We briefly discuss about the features in Tally  to facilitate customised rules for Voucher Numbering control and sequencing systems, so that voucher insertion / deletion / alteration remain  insulated from being traced and tracked. Accounts Books still look regular, without any trace or wrinkle, caused by such actions.

Pre Created Voucher Types : Tally pre creates few standard Voucher Types. All Vouchers must belong to any of the pre created Voucher Type. You can create new Voucher type as peer of any existing Voucher Types. For each such created peer Voucher Type, you can set its separate Voucher criterion, like Voucher Numbering methods, Voucher Serial Number pattern, Prefix and Suffix, Voucher Re start period and restart number.

User defined Customisable Components of Voucher Type to Voucher Sequence control

Components of each Voucher Type

(User defined Customisable Components of Voucher Type to Voucher Sequence control)

Voucher Properties

Each voucher type can be set with separate properties for Control, like Voucher Numbering Methods,  Voucher Nature, Voucher Narration,  Voucher Number Components.

Multiple Peer Voucher Types :  Multiple Peer Voucher Types of any Voucher Type, like General Payment, Petty Cash Payment, Transporter Payment, Conveyance Expenses Payment, Travelling Expenses Payment. Transactions which are likely to be entered backdated or subsequently altered, may have its separate Voucher Type. So, changes in vouchers of that type will not disturb the number sequence of other Voucher Types.

Option set up for Creation of Multiple Voucher Type of same Nature in Tally Prime

Multiple Peer Voucher Type creation of a Voucher Type

(Option set up for Creation of Multiple Voucher Type of same Nature in Tally Prime)

Voucher Number Components

Each Voucher is identified by Voucher Id (called Voucher Number), consisting of consecutive numbered numeric  part, along with Fixed Non Numeric Part, for customised identification, allowing complete control of Voucher ID,  flexibility to control duplicate IDs, as explained next

Voucher Numbering Methods : Voucher Numbering methods allows to plan Voucher Numbers in your own ways. Tally provides Innovative ways to set Voucher Numbering Methods according in  desired ways, to create or update vouchers in any stage, still maintaining numbers in ordered manner.

Options to set up Voucher Numbering Methods in Tally Prime

Voucher Numbering Methods in Tally Prime

Options to set up Voucher Numbering Methods in Tally Prime

Voucher Number Numeric, Prefix and Suffix Parts : Apart from serial number, Voucher Prefix and Suffix Numbers allow distinct numbers, to independently maintain consecutive numbers for each Prefix and Suffix series independently. So, insertion / deletion of voucher and alteration of voucher Date does not impede voucher number sequence and order.

Advanced Voucher Numbering

While explaining Voucher Numbering Methods, we have explained whether the Voucher number will be manually entered, or automatically increased. If automatically increased, whether the auto generated number can be manually over ridden as desired. We also discussed option to suppress voucher number altogether. We also learned that Voucher Numbering method can subsequently be changed to smoothen the broken numbers, if occurred due to insertion, alteration and Deletion of Voucher.

Apart from so many options to set Voucher Numbering  scheme, Tally provides more flexibility through Advanced Voucher Numbering options. At Voucher Type creation, set Yes at Use Advanced Configuration to get Advanced Voucher Numbering Options to set up further options.

Voucher Numbering Re-start :  Tally provides the ultimate ammunition to re-initiate voucher serial number part, from any defined number, from any defined period, to control Voucher Ids in own way.

Voucher Number controls and customisation options

Voucher Number controls and customisation options

You may set separate schemes for combination of these components to create totally flexible plan to insulate Voucher insertion / Deletion / alteration, to facilitate Accounts alteration, at any stage, in any manner, escaping Audit Trails.