Report Views Customisation in Tally Prime

Report Views in Tally Prime

Every Business needs Accounting reports in their own way. So, Tally provides numerous configuration options to set report contents in their own way. Different users would like to view it their own preferred way. So, one report ay not be useful for all.

The Report Display / Printing / configuration offer numerous options. For normal user, who is not well trained in tally, learning about such plethora of options are quite complicated, Moreover, the configuration options set up be user are applicable to the current report only. The options set by user for on view is not saved. Default Report Configuration options are restored immediately on exiting the task. So, every time the user has to set up Report Configuration options repeatedly. This is annoying, consuming and error prone task. The user may get undesired report if the options are not set up properly.

To ease the task of repeated set up of Report Configuration options for each report, The View option offers to save the Report Configuration options in a pre set View. At the time of display printing, instead of setting the Configuration options again, the user may recall the saved view. To print report quickly in desired way. Multiple Views of the same report, with different set of Configuration options, may be created and used.

Frequently used View of each specific report may be saved as default view. So, the default vies is automatically restored at the time for Display / Printing of Report, further saving time

User Specified View Name : Each saved view may be named as per user in a convenient personalised way. So, the user would know about the contents of each view and select the desired view quickly from the list of saved views.

User Rights for each View : The user rights for each view may be set for control of authority to Create, Modify and Delete and restore Original View, for better security.