Study materials translation service – English to Hindi

Now a days more and more educational materials are developed in regional language, instead of English. So, Translation service is big opportunity to translate text from English to Hindi. To produce good work, the person doing the translation should have good knowledge of both languages, particularly, the output language (Hindi). There are few alternative approaches to this job.

Manually typing the translated Text

Translate manually and type in Hindi script. This is old time consuming method. Now-a-days better translation technology is available, to do the job much faster.

Translation using software

Use a translator app to translate from English to Hindi. The text in English would be auto translated by Google Translator from English to Hindi, written in Hindi script. These translation sites do on line translation on uploading the original file (like English) to their website and the site produces the translated version in that script (like Hindi).

However, such software translate mechanically by following semantic rule, but the intent and meaning are not often understood properly by computer software. In some cases, some words need to be changed with appropriate word in Hindi script, where the translator fails to produce the right intended word.

Translation using Speech to Text Service

In this method, the person first reads the text (like English) and mentally forms the translated sentence and speaks over the mike of Speech to text software. The software listens to the voice of the person and types the translated text. So, the translation done by human and the script typing (which is difficult in Hindi than in English) in  done by machine, saving time.

Whatever be the translation method, these applications produce about 90-95% accuracy, significantly reducing the tedious & lengthy human work. The final refinement is to be done by rectifying mistake and improving the wok further.

If you are flair in English and Hindi and love such work, email us about your details. We will help you in doing the job by providing proper guidance. You may then get translation jobs from us on contract basis.