Cash Bank Book- Frequently Asked Questions- Tally Prime

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ -01 : Explain printing of Cash Book from Display and Multi Account Printing Options.

Ans : The steps of getting the reports in  both the methods are described below :

Through Display:

For a month: At Gateway of Tally, Click on Display > Account Books > Cash/Bank Book(s) to get Cash/ Bank Summary. Select Cash A/c and then select a month to get Cash Book for the specified month.

For any Period: After selecting a month, press F2: Period button and set the period (e.g. 1-4-09 to 31-3-10), to get the Cash Book for specified period.

Printing from Display Screen : At Display screen, click  P:Print button to get Cash Book Printing screen. Set Yes  to Print the Cash book for the specified Period.

Through Multi A/c Printing:

At Gateway of Tally, select Multi Account Printing> Account Books> Cash Book(s), Select Cash Account to get the Multi Account Cash Book printing screen . Now  set the period (e.g. 1-4-09 to 31-3-10) and other options to get Multi Account Cash Book for the selected Cash Account for the specified Period.

FAQ -02 : How to print Cash Book from Display. What is the difference between Cash Book Display and Cash Book printed from Display screen.

At Cash Book Display (F-1A), click P:Print button to get Cash Book Printing screen (F-2). Type Y to print to get Cash Book in Print (F-1B).

  • In Display Format, the transactions are shown first in sequence of date. The Opening & Closing Balance for the specified period, at the end of Report. You may drill down through a Voucher to get the Voucher in Alteration Mode
  • In Print Format, The Opening Balance is sown in the first line, followed by the transactions sequence of date. The Closing Balance is shown at the end of Report. like traditional Cash Book. You cannot  drill down in Print Format.

FAQ -03 : How to print Multi Column Cash Book.

To Print composite Cash / Bank Book with separate column for each selected Cash / Bank Account. selected Cash Account (s),

At Multi Account Books printing menu (F-2B/01-05), select Multi Column Cash Bank Book to get Multi Column Cash Bank Book  Printing screen (F-4A). At Multi Column Cash Bank Book  Printing screen (F-4A), select the Cash Bank Account, one by one, at each Cash / Bank Account (F-4A),  from the list of Cash / Bank Accounts, upto 3 Cash / Bank Accounts

A column would be created for  each selected Cash / bank Account will be created , at both Debit (for Receipts at  left) & Credit Side (for Payments at  ight) to include in the Multi Column Cash / Bank Book as follows:

Cash / Bank A/c for 1st  column

Cash / Bank A/c for 2nd  column

Cash / Bank A/c for 3rd  column

Click Yes to print the Multi Column Cash / Bank Book (F-3)