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Financial Accounting

Company creation

Company in Tally Prime, Data Migration from Tally ERP 9 to Tally Prime, New Company creation in Tally prime, Company Selection, Company Alteration, Company Deletion, Shutting of Company, Company Features set up, Company creation – Key Points.

Gateway of Tally

Gateway of Tally (GoT). Components of GoT. Current Period & Date Setting, Tally Calculator, Closing & Exiting Tally, Gateway of Tally-Key Points  

Account Masters

Account Masters. Reserved Accounts Masters.  Reserved Accounts Characteristics, Account Masters Creation. Account Group, Account Ledger, Creation of new Parent Group, Ledger Opening Balance entry, Cash Ledger Account Opening Balance entry, Alteration / Deletion of Account Master, Common Ledger Accounts Creation, Account Master – Key Points.

Accounts Vouchers

Accounts Vouchers. Voucher Types, Voucher Entry. Contra Voucher. Payment Voucher. Receipt Voucher. Journal Voucher. Sales Voucher. Purchase Voucher. Debit / Credit Note Voucher. Components of Voucher Entry Screen. Voucher Alteration & Deletion. Dormant Vouchers. Voucher Type. Single Mode Voucher Entry. Account Voucher – Key Points.

Accounts Reports

Accounts Reports Menu. Reports Printing. Printing of selected Report, Current Report Printing Configuration. Accounts Reports – Key Points

Cash Bank Book

Cash / Bank Book Display.  Contents of Cash / Bank Book. Cash Bank Book Printing. Cash Bank Book – Key Points.

Journal Books

Journal Books. Journal Register. Sales Register. Purchase Register. Debit Note Register. Credit Note Register. Journal Book – Key Points.

Ledger Book

Ledger Book.  Ledger Book Display. Ledger Book Printing. Confirmation of Accounts. Ledger Book – Key Points.

Trial Balance

Trial Balance. Trial Balance Display. Trial Balance Printing. Extended Trial Balance. Ledger Opening Balance statement. Trial Balance – Key Points.

P L Statement

Profit & Loss Account. Stock Ledger Account. Closing Stock Value entry. Profit & Loss Statement. Profit & Loss Statement display. Profit & Loss Statement Printing. Profit & Loss Statement – Key Points.

Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet. Balance Sheet Display.  Balance Sheet Printing. Ratio Analysis. Balance Sheet – Key Points.

Accounts Receivables & Payables

Accounts Receivables & Payables. Bill Reference Activation for Company. Bill Reference Activation for Ledger Accounts. Opening Outstanding Bill entry for Ledger Accounts. Bill Details Entry in Voucher. Outstanding Reports Menu. Outstanding Reports Display. Age Analysis Report. Outstanding Reports Printing. Accounts Receivables & Payables – Key points


Bank Account Management. Bank Ledger Account set up. Party Bank Account set up. Banking details entry in Voucher. Banking menu. Cheque Issue. Cheque Details Entry in Voucher. Cheque / Payment Advice Printing. Deposit Slip Printing. Bank Reconciliation. Banking – Key Points.

Tally Data Maintenance

Tally Data Maintenance. Data Backup. Data Restoration. Data Rewriting. Tally Data Maintenance – Key Points.

Invoicing & Inventory

Inventory Masters

Inventory System.  Inventory System Activation. Inventory Masters Menu. Unit of Measure (UoM). Stock Group. Multiple Godowns. Stock Item. Alteration / Deletion of Inventory Masters. Inventory Masters Lists. Inventory Master – Key Points.


Inventory Linking in Ledger Accounts. Party ledger Accounts set up for Invoicing. Inventory Details entry in Accounts Voucher. Invoicing. Discount Entry in Invoice. Stock Journal Voucher. Invoice Printing. Invoicing – Key points.

Inventory Reports

Accounts Reports with Inventory Details. Stock Journal Register. Stock Item Ledger. Godown Register. Stock Group Summary. Inventory Reports – Key Points.

Point of Sales (PoS)

PoS Voucher Type creation. PoS Invoice Entry. PoS Invoice Printing.. PoS Register. Point of Sales – Key Points.

Tax Accounting

GST Masters

GST Activation for Company, UQC set up in UoM master. Stock Item GST set up. GST Ledger Accounts creation. Party Ledger Accounts GST set up. GST Masters – Key Points.

GST Invoicing

GST Sales Invoice Entry, GST Invoice Printing, GST Invoicing – Key Points.

GST Reports

GST Reports Menu. GSTR-1. GSTR-2. GSTR-3B. GST Annual Computation. GST Reports – Key Points

Tax Deducted at Source (TDS)

Tax Deducted at Source. TDS Activation for the Company. TDS Ledger Account creation. TDS Nature of Payment.  TDS Deductible Expense Ledger Account set up. TDS Adjustment Journal Voucher. TDS Deposit to Government. TDS Deposit Challan Printing. TDS Reports. Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) – Key Points.

Payroll Accounting

Payroll Masters

Company Features set up for Payroll. Employee Group creation. Attendance / Production Heads. Pay Heads Creation. Employee Master Creation. Payroll Master key points.

Payroll Vouchers

Payroll Voucher creation. Payroll Voucher Manual Entry, Employee Pay Structure set up. Attendance Voucher Entry. Payroll Voucher Auto fill. Payroll Voucher – Key Points.

Payroll Reports

Payroll Reports Menu, Pay Slip Display & Printing, Pay Sheet Display & Printing, Payment Advice Printing. Payroll Statement Display & Printing, Payroll Register Display & Printing. Payroll Reports – Key Points.

Practical Assignments

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