Indian Contract Act – Void Agreement

This post explains meaning and concept of the term Void Agreement and Void Contract under Indian Contract Act 1872

It explains the concepts and meaning of the key terms like Ab Initio Void Agreements, Voidable Agreements and Voidable Contracts, Contrcat with Unlawful Object & Unlawful Consideration, Agreements opposed to Public Policy, Agreements in Restraint of Marriage, Agreements in Restraint of Trade, Agreements in restraint of Legal Proceedings, Wagering Agreements, Agreements of Lottery and Crossword Puzzle, Insurance Contracts and Wagering Agreements, Wager and Contingent Contract, Partially Unlawful Agreement and Illegal Agreement, with practical examples.

While the main text is in English, there are numerous embedded and linked video and Audio, both in English and Hindi, for ease of reading and understanding.