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This post discusses the curriculum and subjects of Accountancy for undergraduate courses of various Indian Universities and Education Boards. It provides links to important info and resources related to Study and various Study resources like Blogs, e-Books, Video and Audio Tutorials, Multiple Choice Questions, Question and Answers, in respect of following subjects of Accountancy. It covers Partnership…


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Statistical Description of Data

1.Data Collected by investigator afresh by planning an inquiry, are called (a) Primary Data                      (b) Secondary data                 (c) Personal Data                    (d) Fictitious              Primary data are those data which are directly collected by the investigator. Secondary data are collected form published resources.          Answer: A     2. If the universe is limited and intensive study is essential, appropriate…


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NCERT Books for K11-12 for Commerce & mathematics Subjects NCERT publications of  text books for K11-12 for Commerce & mathematics. View and Download in PDF, from NCERT website . NCERT Books Link NCERT Books for K11 for Commerce & mathematics Subjects NCERT Books for K11 – Accountancy NCERT Book – Accountancy -11 : Part-1 – English NCERT…

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